2 Simple Ways to Enhance Your HR Strategy in 2020

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Adapting to market conditions is something that has always been important.  That said, it’s absolutely critical right now since markets have changed. Unemployment is predicted to increase further after the furlough scheme is reduced. With our video job adverts, you can really enhance your HR strategy and start creating small shortlists of super motivated candidates.

As a result of high unemployment levels, the challenge is no longer simply attracting talent, but attracting the right talent. Filtering out low-quality active candidates who are simply applying to everything and anything out of desperation is imperative.  Targeting passive candidates has become even more important than ever.

Don’t ask your candidates to shoulder the burden of research

The fundamental reason why some companies have a lack of passive candidates in their talent pipeline is due to transparency. Often their Employee Value Proposition is not unattractive, they simply do not communicate it in an easy to absorb manner.

The key is to make it as easy as possible for someone to learn about your company culture and employee value proposition. These factors play into the decision-making process as to whether or not your potential candidates will invest the time in applying to your business.  In short, they should not need to perform lengthy research to understand whether or not they should apply. Everything should be on one page.

The solution to this problem is a video job advert.

Make it easy to apply

Never ask potential candidates to fill out long application forms.  Your goal in the early stages of engagement should be to get an application. The best way to do this is to put all of the information on one page.  This should include social proof in the form of an employee testimonial. Furthermore, include key pieces of information about your roles such as salary, benefits, and growth opportunities.  With our video job advert landing pages, we capture the top 3 skills and benefits which allows your candidate to quickly summarize how relevant the vacancy is to them.

Your landing page should handle any objections that someone might have about whether or not to apply. In addition, it should neatly convey the most important points about your role from the candidate’s perspective.  You should not include long lists of required skills and experience. 

If the candidate sees something they don’t like in the list of skills, they may not apply.  That said, the particular skill needed may be very low in importance and would not have impacted their decision if they knew its limited importance.  We recommend advertising the top three skills needed. Other skills and details should be added to a downloadable job specification.

With Meet Your Team you can easily create targeted video job ads that attract the right people for your business. Our video job ads include everything your potential candidates need on one page.

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