3 Powerful Tips to Create Video Job Ads Like a Pro

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The following tips will help you create video job ads that compel top talent to hit that apply button. When you watch an advert for a product, does it list every ingredient on the label?  Of course not.  It focuses on drawing your attention and hooking you in emotionally to what is being offered. 

It is not disingenuous, because if that person does not buy your product, they are going to buy one from your competitors.  

The same is valid for talent attraction. If you are not engaging your viewer and giving them a compelling reason to watch and apply, they will simply look elsewhere, and you will miss the opportunity of adding the best talent to your organization. 

Advantages of video job ads

The advantages of using video job ads are far-reaching and varied. As a top-line they can:

  • Encourage applications from culturally matched potential candidates who are super motivated to work for your business
  • Discourage applications from unengaged ‘middle of the road’ candidates because they are unlikely to be highly engaged and productive
  • Cut down on wasted interviews
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Build engagement with your potential candidate right at the start of the recruitment process. This is absolutely vital for remote workers.
  • Allows potential candidates to compare and contrast your vacancy with others, and prioritize yours.

Tip 1 – Create a great video job ad with this structure

In this paragraph, we’ll show you the perfect structure of video job adverts and video job descriptions. Continuing with our product analogy from earlier, instead of listing all the ingredients, or in your case, all the skills needed for the job, you should lead with the hook.  

In video job-advert-speak, this means highlighting all the reasons why someone should want to work for your company.  We recommend the following structure for your video job ad.

The hook (10 seconds)What the video job ad is about and why someone should watch
Benefits (20 seconds)Benefits offered (include remote working and all financial and social incentives)
Growth opportunities (20 seconds)Growth opportunities (include all promotional and training opportunities)
Critical Skills (15 seconds)A quick run-down of the skills and experience required
Selection process (15 seconds)Candidate assessment – what is the format of the interview process?
Call to action (10 seconds)How someone can apply and / or ask questions

It is essential to make your video as intimate as possible, and not read robotically from a script. We have found the best approach is to use a stream of thought during your presentation, then edit the video later.  

Tip 2 – Do not read from a script

We have worked with hundreds of companies to recruit talent, and when it comes to making a video job advert, scripts are deadly!  Moreover, unless you are a gifted actor, getting a script to sound like it is something you are saying for the first time is extremely difficult. 

Even the best scripts lack the emotion, body language, and energy that will compel someone to apply. You need the potential applicant watching the presentation to a make connection with the person in the video.  

Furthermore, the best way to create a compelling video job ad is to write down a few bullet points from our list and just talk around them.  Use your personality and natural communication style to give a stream of thought to the camera.

With Meet Your Team, we edit your footage to take the best parts of your team’s stream of thought and add your branding and fonts.  We also add text overlays to emphasize particularly important points.  This makes for a natural and engaging video.

Tip 3 – Job titles, video titles and thumbnails are critical

Even if you have a video job ad, it will not attract enough attention if you neglect the final step.  The video title and thumbnail must intrigue your potential candidate to click play and learn more.  This is perhaps the most crucial part of the overall process, and unfortunately, the most neglected.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not using accurate job titles in their video job ads.  You can use the following 3 steps to ensure you are naming your video correctly, so you get the most traction possible.

Step 1:

Use images.google.com and type in the name of your job title, for example, ‘Digital Marketing Manager CV’.

Step 2:

Visually scan across all the CVs and look for the most common job titles.    Then pick the 3 most common.  Using our example in step 1, these might be

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Senior Marketing Manager

Step 3

Visit Google Trends, ensure that you set your location to the UK and add your three job titles.  

We can see from the data that the correct video job title should be ‘Marketing Manager’ and not ‘Digital Marketing Manager’.  

The key is to use the popular search term and then lead potential candidates to your job advert where you display the full and correct job title such as ‘Digital Marketing Manager’. Finally, make sure you choose a thumbnail which reflects positivity.  The best thumbnails feature people who are smiling and happy.

Meet Your Team

With Meet Your Team, you can easily creat your video job ad and embed it into your website. It will include tags in the form of critical skills and benefits, along with sharing and applying buttons. 

You can choose to embed it in your webpage or drive traffic to the landing page which we generate for you.  You can easily set your own thumbnail.  Potential candidates can also ask questions about your role and you can make the answers available to others, all on one page.

For more tips on how to be a video recruitment pro, check out 3 Super Simple Ways to Hire Better Talent with Video.

In conclusion, the ways companies recruit and hire evolve with the times, and in this uncertain world, it is more important than ever to have the right staff. Meet Your Team can help you achieve that goal with our video recruitment web application.

Video is the future of recruitment, and Meet Your Team is ready to help you build the team you need to prosper and succeed in 2020 and beyond. 

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